Avast Antivirus Home vs AVG Free Edition

Whenever a anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on Antivirus , searches for a free Antivirus, then has has two choices.

  • AVG Free Edition
  • Avast Home Edition

Which one to choose? That is the dilemma most people have.

I have compared the two Antivirus softwares based on my experiences as well as the various resources available on the web.


AVG Free provides only the basic protection against viruses and Version 7 does not include Antispyware protection and Antirookit protection (One can to download the free version of the Antispyware and Antirookit but these are not integrated) whereas Version 8 of the AVG Free includes integrated Antivirus and Antispyware scanning engine. But Antirookit feature is available only in the Pro version.

Avast claims to provide Antivirus and Antirookit protection included in the free package but I guess its included in the same scanner.

One more featute that is unique in Avast is the Boot-Time scan which scans the computer before the operating systems start ans viruses can be removed before its activation.


Make no mistake about it. Both provide excellent protection from most kinds of viruses. Both softwares provide above 95% detection rates as shown by various Independent Antivirus testing Organizations.

Avast Provides additional protection like P2P Shield,Web Shield, Network Shield etc. AVG also provides Web Scanner and E-Mail Scanner.


Both AVG and Avast uses about 14 to 18MB of RAM. So both are light on resources.

Scanning Speed

AVG scan is faster than Avast. Avast with high protection takes a long time to scan.


AVG free is a very simple to use interface. Avast Home interface is very difficult to get used. Scan summary also is not provided in the Home Edition of Avast.

Comparison with Pro version

Rookit Scan, Spyware Scan, Firewall and loads of other options are available in the Pro Version of AVG not available. For those having extra having extra bucks Upgrade is recommended.

Avast Pro version just has some User-Interface Enchancement Features and Script Scanner. Almost all the features are available in the Home Edition Itself. Upgrade is not recommended.


No winner. Its a draw between the two since both provides excellent protection with lots of features. You should try both and choose whats best for you.

Update: Comment from Pat Bitton

AVG Free 8.0 (available for download at http://free.avg.com) now combines anti-virus and anti-spyware in the same engine. v8 also includes the LinkScanner safe-search technology that protects users from inadvertently clicking through on an organic or paid search result that has been infected with a drive-by download.

Download links:

Avast Home

AVG Free


Mozilla Archive Format…. A lost addon

I am thinking of switching from Firefox v2.0.0.14 to Firefox v3 since almost all the addons are updated and those which are not are going to be updated soon.

One addon that I’m going to miss is the Mozilla Archive Format. It is an addon which gives the .mht format support as well as the .maf support , both are used for saving a web page as a web archive format.

Actually this addon support was only available for the Mozilla Firefox v1.5 but some geek altered compatibility of the addon to Firefox version 2. So the addon is working perfectly till now and if I upgrade to firefox 3 this addon will stop working. Unless someone can alter the compatibility and extend it to Firefox version 3.

Can someone help me with this ? Please comment…….

Update: A new addon is available in Firefox 3 for saving files in .mht format.

Mozilla Addons Updated for version 3.0 compatibility

Addons are updated for the version 3.0 compatibility.

The addons which were updated today are

Just few more addons like FEBE , Flashblock and Tab Mix Plus and then I’ll be switching to The version 3.0 for good.

Blog Editor Alternative

Ever since I switched to Windows Live Writer I’ve been wondering whether there is another Blog Editor which is as powerful and good as Windows Live Writer…..But I was not able to find any other software which was as good and efficient as the WLW itself.

First I got the Scribefire Addon which had all the decent features but there was no setting of the posting time and the proper pinging to famous search engines like Google Blog search and many others. ( Still it was usable for Quick Blogging) But the Ultimate disadvantage of Scribefire was that it could not load the categories created in the blogger blog. So I had to find some other software.I started testing various software recommended in this and this.

Even good blog editors like W.bloggar and Qumana which has many of the features could not load the categories from Blogger.( Might be the fact that Since I’m new to blogging I could not configure it properly for my blog). But anyways even if thats the case it makes it very difficult to configure…….. After checking all these I was about to conclude that there is no Blog Editor which is as good as Windows Live Writer.

But yesterday I downloaded a software called Zoundry Raven. It was the kind of a competitor that might give some competition in terms of features. The categories could be loaded for Blogger also and it had all the other features that the other blog editos have and most of the features that Microsoft Windows Live Writer has. Very easy to configur and very easy to use…. It can also import the settings from Windows Live Writer which was a very good feature and which other editors did not have.

I’m testing still testing it so could not say much about it…… But I’ll keep posting bout my experience with the software.

Update 1( July 10,2008): Zoundry Raven has a lot of bugs. One is that it does not keep updating the labels used in blogger and also cnnot use the save as draft feature. Publishing a post on multiple blogs is also a problem using that.

So switched back to Windows Live Writer which do not have any of these problems.

Also using a lot of Scribefire for quick Blogging directly from Firefox.


I’m posting this post using Qumana Blog Editor. It is a very good blog editor and can be a very good tool for those who like the easiness of posting using ScribeFire and the editing posting time feature of Microsoft Windows LiveWriter.

I liked it very much and I would recommend it since it id a very easy to use blogging tool. Also one can add links or images using droppad option of the Software.

Another important feature is that you can put ads into your post since it has an integrated Q-Ads option.

Try it out and give your comments.

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