Winamp Global Hotkeys… Useful Feature

Winamp is one mp3 player that always amazed me. I was using this software ever since I had this comp and didn’t even care for the other mp3 players such as Windows Media Player and Musicmatch Jukebox.

Whenever I mention about Winamp to my friends I notice that they are not aware of a very interesting feature that is available in Winamp. Yes it is the Global Hotkeys feature.

Global hotkeys is a feature of Winamp where you can use keyboard shortcuts while running any application such as while typing Word documents , Surfing net or eevn playing certain games.

Its easy to configure. Just go to Preferences–>Global Hotkeys and select the hotkeys you want by enabling the feature.

global hotkeys

These are my set of hotkeys and they are working fine for me. What are yours???