Auto Net Connect For BSNL Night Unlimited Plan Users

Auto Internet Connect at 2 AM & Disconnect at 8 AM

Try this method:
First Step:
Create two batch files
Open notepad type the following:
rasdial [connection name] [user name] [password]
for example
rasdial broadband myusername mypassword
save the above file as connect.bat
Open notepad type the following
rasdial [connection name] /disconnect
for example
rasdial broadband /disconnect
save the above file as disconnect.bat
Second Step:
Schedule task wizard will start>click next
2. Click “Browse” and select “connect.bat
3. Type the task name (anything you want) and then select “Daily“.Now to configure how to run it during Night Unlimited.
Click Next.
Now set the start time to something like say….2.05 a.m.
Set Everyday from the Perform this task option right below that and start date to today’s date.
Click Next
Enter your username and pass on the Next page.
Click Finish.

Found this one in broadband forum. By Abhiroop….

I’m definitely gonna give this a try and see what happens.

Update: It does work. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and have no problems at all.