Firefox 3 supports .mht format

Actually Firefox 3 still does not support the.mht format but there is an addon called Unmht that can help to save the webpages in the .mht ( webarchive) Format.


I was using the Mozilla Archive Format is the Firefox 2 but when Firefox 3 was relesed I decided to stay in Firefox 2 since I did not have a supported webarchive addon. ( Also there were some other addons which were not compatible ).

I first found out about this addon on the Digital Inspiration and in this post.


Winamp Global Hotkeys… Useful Feature

Winamp is one mp3 player that always amazed me. I was using this software ever since I had this comp and didn’t even care for the other mp3 players such as Windows Media Player and Musicmatch Jukebox.

Whenever I mention about Winamp to my friends I notice that they are not aware of a very interesting feature that is available in Winamp. Yes it is the Global Hotkeys feature.

Global hotkeys is a feature of Winamp where you can use keyboard shortcuts while running any application such as while typing Word documents , Surfing net or eevn playing certain games.

Its easy to configure. Just go to Preferences–>Global Hotkeys and select the hotkeys you want by enabling the feature.

global hotkeys

These are my set of hotkeys and they are working fine for me. What are yours???

Indian Humour Blogs

I have tried to find some Indian humor blogs on the net and had a very difficult time searching it. So here are some of my favorite humor blogs do check it out….

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