Mozilla Archive Format…. A lost addon

I am thinking of switching from Firefox v2.0.0.14 to Firefox v3 since almost all the addons are updated and those which are not are going to be updated soon.

One addon that I’m going to miss is the Mozilla Archive Format. It is an addon which gives the .mht format support as well as the .maf support , both are used for saving a web page as a web archive format.

Actually this addon support was only available for the Mozilla Firefox v1.5 but some geek altered compatibility of the addon to Firefox version 2. So the addon is working perfectly till now and if I upgrade to firefox 3 this addon will stop working. Unless someone can alter the compatibility and extend it to Firefox version 3.

Can someone help me with this ? Please comment…….

Update: A new addon is available in Firefox 3 for saving files in .mht format.


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  1. Yeah – I second this. I will miss it but honestly, I’ll be using Adobe Acrobat 9 for saving/archiving all me web pages from now on – the only real bummer is that I won’t be able to access any of my pages I’ve already saved as .maf.

    I guess I’ll just have to use VMware’s ThinApp and/or VMware Workstation to create another virtual operating system to run firefox 2 and then load up my .maf’s.

  2. Fortunatly, it is possible to read the MAFF files in FireFox3, or in any modern browser.

    A MAFF file is a Zip archive containing html (& other) files.
    So, you just have to unzip the file and open “index.htm”.

    That’s the good aspect of MAF format: it will never be obsolete.

  3. I have hundreds of MAFF archives (I often add pages to them, too, so one MAFF contains multiple pages – simply save over the original, new pages get appended to the archive and all open together in tabs). The format is extremely useful.

    I realize the are zips (on my desktop they have a cute zipped web page icon!), but no way unzipping them all – I’ll wait for the author to fix this.

    Finger’s crossed!


  4. Hmmm – doesn’t work for me – Firefox 3.0.1 tells me .mht files are Outlook Items and wants me to open or save them . . . even if I use an IE tab.

    Any ideas?

  5. @ batta – Oops, then I found your link, and now MHT displays fine for me – even better than IE7 – which only displays them as text – FF does proper html now!

    Here’s the download page again (you have to login):

  6. A while back I ran into the problem and may have a work-around for those interested in staying with MAF.

    1 obtain a copy of the MAF distribution – maf-0.6.3.xpi
    2 copy the file to
    3 rename the original distribution to maf-0.6.3.xpi.orig for safe keeping
    4 using unzip mechanism in Windows extract everything into a directory
    5 using Write (aka Wordpad) edit the file install.rdf changing line 18 to read
    6 copy the updated install.rdf back into
    7 rename to maf-0.6.3.xpi
    8 start Firefox and open the file maf-0.6.3.xpi
    9 install the extension and restart firefox

    All I can tell you is that this worked for me and I am now at Firefox 3.0.1.

  7. Rats! The software here garbled the content of step 5 because it interpreted it as HTML. Just change the max version on line 18 from “1.5” to “9.9” (leave out the quotes.)

  8. Steven, your fix didn’t work for me. Firefox just would not install the edited .xpi file. No errors or other feedback. After clicking on install now, it just would open Add-ons window with no further action. Any ideas?

  9. I’m now maintaining a new version of MAF for Firefox 3 at:

    The latest version is 0.8.0.

    The feature of appending to an existing archive is temporarily lost, I’m sorry. It may return in the future with a better user interface. For comments or suggestions, please write to the MAF mailing list.

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